fungal nail laser treatment

Many clients complain about fungal nails they can be unsightly & are difficult to treat. Depending on the type of fungal nail the fungi may be under the nail i.e. subungual.

We provide Fungal Nail Testing at clinic a small sample is taken, and results are available within 30 minutes.

The test is simple painless and is 95% effective at positive fungal nail diagnosis.

Fungal nails may be treated using a topical application or for clients wanting faster results or have stubborn fungal nails. Laser nail treatment is an option.

An Nd Yag laser is applied to the nail to kill the active fungus. The laser can penetrate the nail bed.

The treatment has been proven effective over 4-6 treatments.

In many cases the nail will then be totally free from mycosis. Although individual results will vary.

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