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Approximately 3% of the adult population in the UK have a fungal nail infection.

There are many reasons a nail can be thickened and discoloured, including fungal nail infection:

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It is recommended that podiatry practices obtain a positive fungal nail diagnosis before commencing treatment .This can be done in two ways:

What is the Lacuna method?

The Lacuna method is a method used by registered podiatrists where tiny holes are drilled into the nail using a special drill. This aids the antifungal agent in accessing the nail bed where the majority of the active fungus is located.

The method is safe and painless and is available to most patients.

The method is recommended for mild to moderate nail infections, where the nail fungus reaches the cuticle of the nail only tablets are clinically effective.

The nail is treated afterwards and at home with 1% terbinafine spray.

Studies show a 87%-90% clearance rate.

Multiple appointments are needed , up to six appointments may be needed. 

clearance is not guaranteed.

The Lacuna Method Prices:

One Nail £50

Two to Five Nails £75

Six or More Nails £100

Lacuna Method Treatment Packages (Package of four treatments):

One Nail £150

Two to Five Nails £225

Six or more Nails £300

The first step is to diagnosis and treatment is booking a podiatry assessment which can be booked online by clicking the button below. 

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