5-minute fungal nail test

Five-minute fungus which has an accuracy of 97% for the most common nail dermatophytes. The five-minute fungus test gives us rapid results within 5 minutes.

Discoloured, thickened, damaged, is it fungal or not?

Joanne now offers a quick, painless, and very accurate fungal nail test with results being provided within 5 minutes of taking the sample!

This simple and accurate fungal nail is transforming the way podiatrists diagnose fungal nail infections.

Rapid results in just a few minutes, while you wait.

What are the benefits of the test?

What does the 5-minute test do?

The test confirms the presence of fungal nail infection in a small nail sample by a process called immune chromatography.

If the test is negative, then the fungal nail infection is not present, which means the deformity is most likely due to other nail pathologies.

How accurate is the test?

The test has been shown to have an accuracy of 97% in studies, meaning you can be very confident in the result.

How much nail do you need?

Only a small amount of nail specimen is required.

What is the cost of the 5-minute fungal nail test?

The 5-minute test is £45 in addition to your podiatry assessment.

The price includes taking a small nail sample, performing the test and confirming the results. 

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